Granite Stone Edges



Premium Upgrades

Possibilities are virtually unlimited with custom edges, especially in the 6 cm combinations.  Pricing varies based on the labor requirement to create the edge.





























Natural stone has a unique and beautiful appearance. Second in hardness to diamonds, it is a permanent product, which will last a lifetime. It is available in a wide range of color choices, holds up to heat extremely well, and is highly scratch resistant. New sealers have also greatly reduced maintenance requirements.

  • Granite1
  • Granite2
  • Granite3
  • Granite4
  • Granite5
  • Granite6
  • Granite7
  • Granite8
  • Granite10
  • Granite11
  • Granite12
  • Granite13
  • Granite14
  • Granite15
  • Granite16
  • Granite17
  • Granite18
  • Granite19
  • Granite20
  • Granite21
  • Granite22
  • Granite23
  • Granite24
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