wood species


We offer a large variety of wood species to choose from:


Alder - is a reddish-brown to pale yellow wood with soft, straight grain, even texture, and a subtle figure.  Alder will have small knots, under 1/4" diameter, and pin holes.  Larger, unfilled knots are permitted on the backs of doors and drawer fronts.  Plywood has mostly closed knots of various sizes which may be filled with putty; may be more visible with lighter stains.  Alder lightens with age and exposure to light.

Knotty Alder - is the same as Alder, plus larger, open, secure knots.  Open knots are partially filled from the back with black epoxy resin, only if you can see completely through them, or as a means of securing the knot.  Plywood has large, open, secure knots of various sizes.  We make not attempt to evenly distribute the knots in each kitchen.  Knotty Alder lightens with age and exposure to light.


Beech - is whitish to reddish brown, straight-grained wood with small grey flecks and light mineral coloring and streaking.  Beech is a strong wood with a density that is similar to maple.

Rustic Beech

Rustic Beech - is the same as beech plus Rustic will include repaired knots of various sizes and heavy mineral coloring and streaking.


Cherry - has a fine to medium grain pattern, provide an elegant look that is suitable for contemporary or traditional styling. It is moderately hard and strong, and resists both warping and checking. While usually pinkish-brown in color, there are also shades of off-white, green, and even gray. An American classic, cherry darkens beautifully with age and contains occasional knots, which gives it a unique beauty.

Rustic Cherry

Rustic Cherry - has the elegance and great grain pattern of cherry, but with deep, gnarled, dark, craggy, and open, sometimes with holes all-the-way-through - knots. It's really a great look. The knots are not all over the place, but are spaced a good amount apart. With the knots, there is often exaggerated graining as well.


Hickory - is a dense, tough, course-textured wood with white sapwood and reddish-brown heartwood.  The color and graining patterns will have variations from black to brown in the heartwood to yellow in the sapwood.  Certain stains will amplify this effect.  The finished look of a hickory kitchen is usually described as "Rustic", "Wild", or "Natural".

Hard Maple - is a heavy, straight-grained wood with a fine texture.  The sapwood is white and selected for its color. 

Red Oak

Red Oak - is a straight-grained hardwood with a course texture and pinkish-red hue.  The texture of the wood varies according to the rate of growth.

Knotty Oak

Knotty Oak - exhibits the same characteristics as oak, with much more prominent and typically larger knots and mineral streaks.

Quarter Sawn Oak

Quarter-Sawn Oak - displays dramatic medullar figure called flake or fleck, and you'll see this used in antiques, mission style furniture, and more.

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